This is before the 22-item list. The "a" lines (and those without letters) should be marked in yellow. The first "This is line n" lines in each box should be italics, nothing else should be. The "b" lines should be uncoloured and come after the yellow lines. The line numbers should match the item numbers given at the side of each box. The first box is a control and shows what the other boxes should look like. Boxes without "a" labels have only one line. Boxes that say "only" should only have the italic text and nothing else. There should be no "/" characters below.

    This is line 1a. This is still line 1a.

    This is line 1b.
  1. This is still line 2.
  2. This is line 6b.
  3. This is line 7b.
  4. /
  5. This is line 9b./
  6. /
  7. This is line 11b./
  8. This is after the list.

    This test has not been thoroughly checked and may contain errors.