CSS Import Test - Test 64


This set of sub-tests examines the level of support for three RFCs, 2318 (CSS mime type), 2068 (HTTP 1.1), and 1521 (MIME), as well as testing the level of support for the style element's type attribute and compliance with Section 14.2.1 of the HTML4.0 specification. See also Test 41 of Part I of the ImportTest.

Test 64a works by setting the default style language of the document to "text/css; charset=ISO-8859-1". This should cause UAs to treat the content of any style attributes as normal CSS data, not as an unknown language.

Test 64b is similar, but specifying the style language of a style element instead.


64a. Style set by style attribute.

64b. Style set by style element.

How to decide if the browser has passed

If any tests are unstyled, then the browser is buggy (B). If the tests are both green, then the browser is a maybe (M). Browsers may be upgraded to full pass status (Y) if they pass test 41 and either I notice or someone tells me.