CSS Import Test - Test 61


This test examines whether browsers correctly ignore @import rules that come after other rules.

Warning! This test may soon be invalidated by the CSS Working Group. They are currently deliberating whether to allow @imports that come after invalid @imports and so on.


9. Stylesheet imported by embedded stylesheet. This is a control line. If this test fails, then ignore the other tests on this page.

61a. Imported after valid @charset rule (CSS1-only browsers will correctly fail this line).

61b. Imported after invalid @import rule.

61c. Imported after invalid @invalid; rule.

61d. Imported after invalid @invalid {} rule.

How to decide if the browser has passed

  1. If the control test, 9, is unstyled, then the browser failed (N).
  2. If any are red or if 61b is unstyled, the browser is buggy (B).
  3. If 61b-61d are green, the browser has passed (Y).

I have decided to ignore the results of test 61a, due to the inconsistency across specifications.