CSS Import Test - Test 52


This test examines whether browsers correctly interpret media dependent imports.

Warning! This test assumes that your browser believes it is of type screen. If your browser recognises other types, such as tv for a WebTV browser of tty for a text mode browser, then these results will not be the same as expected.


10. Stylesheet imported with screen media specified by embedded stylesheet.

52a. Imported with lots of whitespace.

52b. Imported with media set to ScReEn.

52c. Imported with media set to aural, all, tv.

52d. Imported with statement spaced out with tabs.

52e. Imported with statement broken over many lines.

52f. Imported with CDO (<!--) and CDC (-->) where they should be allowed.

(52g). Imported with media set to ,screen

(52h). Imported with a space in the syntax: url (

(52i). Imported with media set to all but screen

(52k). Imported with media set to "screen"

(52l). Imported with media set to screen inside a style block with media set to tty

(52m). Imported with extraneous CDO (<!--) where it should not be allowed.

How to decide if the browser has passed

  1. If the control test, 10, is unstyled, then the browser failed (N).
  2. If any are red or if any of 52a-52f are unstyled, the browser is buggy (B).
  3. If 52a-52f are green and 52g-52m are unstyled, the browser has passed (Y).