CSS Import Test - Test 72


This test is a stress test. It has a persistent stylesheet that will take over five minutes (5*60=300 seconds) to download (whatever the connection you have!). This is performed using a small script.

You may wish to see sample output from this script (which will take five seconds to download).


72a. Rule at top of five minute stylesheet.

72b. Rule mid way through five minute stylesheet.

72c. Rule at bottom of five minute stylesheet.

How to decide if the browser has passed

  1. If test 6 is unstyled, then either browser does not support this kind of linking, or it is waiting for all persistent stylesheets to download before styling anything. Mark it as a maybe (M). If after 5 minutes all the tests go green, then mark it as passed (Y).
  2. If test 6 above is green and the other lines are not, and this page has displayed fine and quickly, then the browser is buggy (B). If eventually, 72a, 72b and 72c turn green (unless your browser times out, or something), then the browser is partially ok (P).
  3. If the browser does not display this page, or at least not before 5 minutes have elapsed, then this browser has failed (N). This is because it is silly to wait for all related resources to be downloaded before displaying the page.