CSS Import Test - Test 75


This test examines if your UA can get stuck in an infinite loop or if it is clever enough not to trip over.

The stylesheet linked to this page imports another, which reimports the first, ad infinitum.

Thanks to Peter Linss of Netscape for the idea. He says: I'm curious to see what other browsers will do...


75a. First Stylesheet

75b. Second Stylesheet

75c. Both Stylesheets

How to decide if the browser has passed

  1. If test 6 is unstyled, then browser may not support this kind of linking or may have got into a loop in the background and is a maybe (M).
  2. If tests 75a - 75c above are all green, then the browser has passed (Y).
  3. If any of 71a - 71c are not styled, or if 71c is red, then the browser is buggy (B).
  4. If the browser locked up or crashed, then the browser crashed (C).