CSS Import Test - Test 70


This test is a stress test. It links to 1000 different stylesheets, each of which imports the next one. This is performed using a small script.

You may wish to see sample output from this script.


6. Stylesheet imported by linked stylesheet. This is a control test. If this test fails, then none of the tests below should be expected to succeed.

70a. Rule in a stylesheet imported 1000 deep.

How to decide if the browser has passed

  1. If test 6 is unstyled, then browser does not support this kind of linking and has failed (N).
  2. If the browser crashed, then mark it as crashed (C).
  3. If test 6 above is green but test 70a is not, then the browser is buggy (B).
  4. If 6 and 70a are both green, then the browser has passed (Y).