CSS Import Test - Test 44


This set of sub-tests examines compliance with Section 14.3.2 of the HTML4.0 specification.

All stylesheets imported by this page use the HTML LINK method. See test 2 of the main test suite.


44a. First preferred stylesheet. This should be green at first.

(44b). Second preferred stylesheet. This should be unstyled at first.

How to decide if the browser has passed

  1. First, take a note of the colours of the above tests as they appeared when the page was first displayed. If test 44b is red, then the browser is buggy (B).

  2. If the first is green and the second is unstyled, then the browser has passed (Y).

  3. If neither test is styled, then the browser is a maybe (M).

Note that a UI should be present that allows you to switch the colours over, making 44b red while turning 44a to the unstyled state. This is examined by test 35.