The XYZ Company Logo

The logo consists of a circle cut in three parts: a half navy blue, a third dark green, and a sixth orange. The word "The" appears to the left of the logo, at the top, and below it the letters "XYZ" are drawn, based at the bottom the circle. The "X" lies partly over the circle, covering a quarter of the green slice. Finally, the word "company" is placed, in a font-size about half that of the "XYZ" text, and in red, over the bottom half of the letters "XYZ" such that the "c" of "company" just touches the "X" of "XYZ", the "o" appears on top of the "Y", the two letters "m" and "p" appear over the "Z", and the letters "any" continue past the company name, "XYZ".

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