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Browsers that are subjected to this test should support CSS1 and CSS2 generated content.

:before and :after

There should follow three complete identical sentences, homogenously formatted.

jumped over the lazy dog

The quick brown fox jumped over

jumped over

The following test line should collapse away to nothingness (it is an empty P), leaving only a small line to the left:

The following should only have two lines, each prefixed by "Paragraph" -- if there is an empty paragraph in the middle then there is a bug, as empty paragraphs should be ignored per HTML4:

This is the first paragraph.

This should be the second paragraph.


The :before and :after pseudo elements form part of the main element's content. Each of the following three sentences should be boxed by the single dotted box.

jumped over the lazy dog

The quick brown fox jumped over

jumped over

In the following case, there should be one outer dotted box containing three boxes, the top and bottom of which have dotted borders.

This should be in the middle of two blocks with dotted borders.

Special Content

There should be five distinct lines below, each labelled with the line number:

Line Three
Line Four

The markup below should be visible:

And the <strong> markup should be visible, along with the CDC/CDO delimiters of the next sentence:

There should be no weird spacing in the next sentence:


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