Browsers that are subjected to this test should support the font-family attribute and HTML4 entities. The system should also have one of the following two fonts: Symbol or Greek. These fonts should include only Greek glyphs. The Symbol font on Windows platforms is suitable for this purpose.

1. Greek or not Greek?

The following two paragraphs should render with the same glyphs, that is, the first six letters should be from the Latin1 character set (western script) and the second set of six letters should be Greek. There may be slight variations regarding the exact rendering as the fonts will probably be different, however the actual letters used should be the same.

aAbBcC αΑβΒγΓ

aAbBcC αΑβΒγΓ

2. Maths Symbols

The following are some maths symbols. They should be rendered, even though no specific font has been selected.

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Last updated in May 1999.