Rendering BODY and HEAD as children of HTML - 1

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Browsers that are subjected to this test should support the the background, padding, margin, border and color properties of CSS, and in addition the overflow property and fixed position stuff from CSS2.

1. Positioning the BODY and the HEAD

At the top of the viewport, the title of the document should appear, centered, in bold sans-serif text, 18px high text, centered vertically in the 26px high black box (text is white). That box should have an aqua dotted 1px border, which should itself be 12px away from the edge of the page on all sides except the bottom, where it should be 12px away from the next box.

The next box should be a teal box, bounded by an aqua border, 8px. There should be 12 pixels of green between the aqua border and the outer edge, and between this teal box and the black title box.

Inside the teal box (which is actually the BODY), there should be this text, which should be a tasty yellow. This text should have a font size of exactly 12px (not the header texts, obviously...). The teal box should have two scroll bars.

The inner horizontal scroll bar should be disabled, but the inner vertical scroll bar should give you access to the BODY content. The outer scrol bars (around HTML) should either be disabled (if the viewport is defined as overflow:scroll) or non-existent (in the more common case of the viewport being defined (even if implicitly) as overflow:auto).

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Last updated in March 1999.