Rendering BODY as a child of HTML - 2

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Browsers that are subjected to this test should support the the background, padding, margin, border, color, and float properties of CSS.

1. A BODY was seen floating in the containing block today, ...

This document should have a green background. Floating to the right should be a 200px by 200px teal box, namely, the BODY, with an aqua border. Between the teal box and the document's root element's padding edge should be a green 8px gap.

The text of the BODY should flow out of the 200px by 200px box since it will not all fit inside it.

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Last updated in March 1999.

NOTE! There should be exactly 16 pixels between the bottom bar following this paragraph and the bottom border of the HTML element. For reference, the bar following this paragraph is also 16 pixels wide (or tall, depending on how you look at it...).