Rendering BODY as a child of HTML - 4

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Browsers that are subjected to this test should support the the background, padding, margin, border and color properties of CSS.

1. BODY is but a block level container...

Make your window big. The teal background (the BODY) should extend all the way to the end of the footer, but no further. The lower end of this page should be green. Otherwise, the BODY is being stretched to fit the root element, which is wrong.

You should check that this is consistent even after resizing the window (if you can do that) or after refreshing the page, or after momentarily covering the browser window. Opera 3.51 does this test half-correct on the initial draw, but after reflowing reverts to invalid behaviour.

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Bugzilla: Bug 3543 (margin-bottom application problem) and Bug 1583 (analogous problem for margin-top).

See also: the top of the margin-top test.

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Last updated in March 1999.

NOTE! There should be exactly 8 pixels between the bottom border of this paragraph and the bottom border of the BODY element. The bottom border of this paragraph should also be 8 pixels high.