Rendering BODY as a child of HTML - 5

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Browsers that are subjected to this test should support the the background, padding, margin, border and color properties of CSS.

1. BODY is but a child... - an alternative look

This document should have a green margin of 32px, followed by a 16px lime border, followed by a 64px green area, a 16px aqua border, a 32px teal padding, and this text should be yellow on teal.

That is, it should look exactly like Test 1.

Note, though, that styling on HTML is an optional feature for HTML UAs (one that it is recommended implementors support, but they don't absolutely have to).

This means that a margin of 32px (of undefined colour, but probably teal), a 16px aqua border, and a 32px teal padding, before this text, which should be yellow on teal, is a valid representation.

However, if the implementors support HTML as a synonym of BODY, rather than as a child on the document tree, then this document will render green, not teal. If it does, then this is a BUG.

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Last updated in June 1999.