Rendering BODY as a child of HTML - 7

This test is currently invalid.

This test uses invalid CSS2, as it positions the root element. I have suggested on www-style that this rule be relaxed.

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Browsers that are subjected to this test should support the the background, padding, margin, border and color properties of CSS, and in addition the overflow property from CSS2.

1. BODY is but a child... - a scrolling look again

If the browser supports CSS2 exactly, then this test will be rendered like Test 1. On the other hand, if the browser supports the CSS3 proposed extension mentioned above, then this page will be as described below.

This document should have a green margin of 32px, followed by a 16px lime border which should contain a a scroll bar delimited area containing a 64px band of green, a 16px aqua border, a 32px teal padding, and this text should be yellow on teal.

The outer band of undefined colour and the 16px lime border should be always visible and should never be off screen. That is, the HTML element should cover exactly the viewport. It should contain the teal BODY (which should be surrounded by 64px of green).

The inner horizontal scroll bar should be disabled, but the inner vertical scroll bar should give you access to the BODY content. The outer scrol bars (around HTML) should either be disabled (if the viewport is defined as overflow:scroll) or non-existent (in the more common case of the viewport being defined (even if implicitly) as overflow:auto).

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Last updated in June 1999.