Rendering HEAD as a child of HTML - 1

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Browsers that are subjected to this test should support the the background, padding, margin, border, color and display properties of CSS.

1. HEAD is but a child...

This document should consist of a green background, with two boxes, one red and one teal, spanning the width of the document. The first box, the red one, should contain the same text as the TITLE element. That is because it is the TITLE element, but given a display:block along with the HEAD. The second box, the one containing this text, is the document BODY. There should be 8 pixels between the HEAD and the BODY, as both have 8px margins.

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Bugzilla: Bug 2742 (main bug - fixed but open with outstanding issues); Bug 2743 (scroll bar problem - reopened);

Last updated in February 1999.