Problems With line-height - 5

Third in the Ahem Series of CSS tests

This page tests the inline formatting model (inline boxes, line boxes, and so on) in the ways that it affects line-height and font-size.

Browsers that are subjected to this test should support CSS font-size, line-height, vertical-align, inline styles and classes.
You should download the excellent font "Ahem" to complete this test. The "Ahem" font was designed by Todd Fahrner to test CSS implementations of font-size. There are three versions: one for Windows (TrueType), one for Unix, and one for Mac.

Warning. The "Ahem" font is not yet installed correctly! Please install it before continuing with this test!

1. Non-scalable fonts

All text below should have the same baseline. However, the green background bars will almost certainly not line up or be the same height — each character will have their box up or down a little (or a lot) compared to the others because each font's baseline is probably not the same distance from the font's bottom and the font's top, and each font has different max-ascent to max-descent length.


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Bugzilla: Bug 4234

Last updated in May 1999.