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Browsers that are subjected to this test should support HTML2 and HTTP 1.1.

1. LINK HTTP Headers for structure

This document is transmitted with the following LINK HTTP Headers:

  Link: <placeholder.html>; rel="bookmark"; type="text/html"; href="placeholder.html"      
  Link: <placeholder.html>; title="The page in Dutch"; type="text/html"; rel="alternate"; hreflang="nl"
  Link: <placeholder.html>; title="The manual in Portuguese"; type="text/html"; r  el="alternate"; hreflang="pt"
  Link: <placeholder.html>; title="The manual in Arabic"; type="text/html"; rel="alternate"; dir="rtl"; charset="ISO-8859-6"; hreflang="ar"  
  Link: <placeholder.html>; lang="fr" title="La documentation en Français"  ; type="text/html"; rel="alternate"; hreflang="fr"
  Link: <placeholder.html>; title="The manual in postscript"; type="application/postscript"; rel="alternate"; media="print"

UAs (web browsers) that support the LINK element (see link test 1) must also support the 'Link' HTTP header, and will thus somehow provide access to these documents. Support for the LINK element is not required by the HTML 4.0 specification. The specification says that this is an optional feature.

The documents in question are:

1. The manual in Dutch
Alternate version of this document, but in Dutch.
2. The manual in Portuguese
Alternate version of this document, but in Portuguese.
3. The manual in Arabic
Alternate version of this document, but in Arabic.
4. La documentation en Français
Alternate version of this document, but in French.
5. The manual for printing
Alternate version of this document, but for print media. (Instead of allowing direct access to this document, the browser may simply use it when printing.)

Note. The language of the document linked to each time is not in the languages this document claims it is. Your browser may legitimately complain about this.

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Last updated in February 1999.