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The following graphics were created by me:

 1x1 - A single pixel transparent image, used in compatability tests
 for the Mozilla project. Important: I do not use this for formatting
 my site! I mean come on, what do you think of me?

 - Do exactly what they say on the tin

 - Circles of the given sizes and colours

 astrophy/ - A set of versions of a cartoon cat I use for many
 purposes. Please do not copy this picture without asking me first. It
 is (c) copyright 1999 by Ian Hickson, and can only be used with
 permission. (I am very likely to say that you _can_ use this picture,
 so long as I am credited and there is a link to this website. But ask
 me first.)

 box-12x12 - A 10x10 white square with a single pixel black border.
 This is used in background tests.

 bullet - A small blue diamond. Used as a graphical bullet.

 greenfuzz, purplefuzz - Small bars of colour, fading to transparent.
 These should be converted to PNG at the earliest opportunity, since
 currently they only look right with white backgrounds.

 logos/ieh - A triangle with my initials that fits in upper right hand
 corners of boxes. Used for 'site branding'.

 logos/REC, logos/WD - Some images used to imitate the W3C
 specification look without W3C branding.

 numbers - the numbers 1 to 78 in sequential order left to right. Used
 for tests that need to check the order of background rendering, for

 sample - A 100x100 sample picture used when a picture is needed in
 browser tests. Each corner pixel is transparent.

 sound - A small speaker icon used to denote links pointing to sound

 test-tl, test-tr, test-bl, test-br - the top right, top left, bottom
 right and bottom left pieces of a blue test image.

 torn-paper-bottom - the torn bottom edge of some white paper,
 background is gray.

The following graphics were not created by me:

 1x1-green - A single green pixel image used for CSS tests.

 1x1-red - A single red pixel image used for CSS tests.

 big-wasp - The background of the original Web Standards Project.

 brick - The brick.bmp file which comes with Windows, converted to a
 format supported by web browsers.

 canofspam - A picture of a can of Spam.

 easter-egg - A cute chick (of the animal kind...) standing on its
 egg. This comes from a clipart web site, and is used on some of my
 browser tests.

 smallcats - A drawing of a pair of beautiful cats, sleeping on each
 other. This picture originally comes from a greeting card of some
 sort, I scanned it in and touched it up.

 updated - A small irritating animated with the text "Updated" being
 highlighted. This was taken from some website or other a long time

 vertical-ruler - A copy of the vertical ruler created by one of my
 colleagues from the Web Standards Project, slightly edited for
 accuracy by David Baron and then again by me. Used in tests that
 require exact sizes (e.g. the font tests).

If you wish to copy any of the files apart from "astrophy", then fine.
If it is one of the files that I created, then I would rather you
credited me with a link to this site. If it is any of the graphics I
_didn't_ create, then you will be breaking the same licences as me.

-- Ian Hickson <>