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The following graphics were created by me:

 blue-crystals - a 256x256 tileable pattern that vaguely resembles a
 pile of blue crystals or maybe shards of broken glass.

 busy-green - a 256x256 tileable pattern of a the blue-crystals
 pattern painted in green on a canvas.

 red-pieces - a 256x256 tileable pattern based on blue-crystals.

 gray-pieces - a desaturated version of red-pieces.

 damaged-metal - a 256x256 tileable pattern of an uneven metal
 surface. Same outline as maroon-landscape.

 maroon-landscape - a 256x256 tileable landscape seen from above of
 maroon mud flats. Same outline as damaged-metal.

 plasma-and-fail-99-repeat-x - a 256x99 (wide) pattern of plasma with
 a 256x157 pattern underneath it of yellow on red text saying "FAIL".
 This is designed to be used as a repeat-x pattern in tests that need
 to make sure that something does not render taller than 99 pixels.

 quiet-green - a 256x256 tileable pattern of subtle shades of green.

 rainbow - a 2048x24 vertically tileable gradient starting with red,
 going through orange, yellow, green, blue, and indigo, and finishing
 with violet.

 cloth - a 256x256 tileable pattern vaguely resembling blue cloth.

 red-mowmow - a 150x150 tileable pattern with Astrophy's face.

 red-blobs - a simple 256x256 tileable red pattern

The following graphics were not created by me:

 paper - a 190x190 tileable pattern of crumpled paper background taken
 several years ago from some website or other.

You may copy any of these files. If it is one of the files that I
created, then I would rather you credited me with a link to this site.
If it is any of the graphics I _didn't_ create, then you will be
breaking the same licences as me.

-- Ian Hickson <>