The Evil Test Suite

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So your browser passes the CSS1 Test Suite and you think it follows HTML closely too, huh? Well, now try putting it through the evil test suite!

There are actually two sections: the evil tests and the wet blanket tests. The wet blanket tests are those that are so basic that everything should pass them (unfortunately, even some of these tests are failed by some browsers). In time, more and more of the evil tests will become wet blanket tests, as the standard of browsers improves. If you have any ideas of what else I could test, please pass them on to me... !

You may wonder, sometimes, which specification or standard is being checked here. This test suite does not limit itself to a single specification! Below I test HTML, CSS and even sometimes HTTP. Some tests are examining the cooperation of all three! THIS IS NOT AN HTML4 TEST SUITE!!! (Although I am currently working on a strict HTML test suite.)

NOTE ALSO that the HTML tests do not test actual compliance with the letter of the spec, but rather examine whether UAs (web browsers) support the spirit of the spec. For example, support for the "longdesc" attribute is never actually required by the spec, but I assume that the aim of a browser author is to provide access to as much of the data in a document as possible, and so I do have a test for it.

If you wish to discuss this, e-mail me!

The Evil Tests and The Wet Blanket Tests

Tesremas is now looking after the test suite index. You can jump to the test lists directly from here:

Informal results tables are available for both the Evil Test Suite and the Wet Blanket Tests. I welcome results submissions.

Other Test Suites

W3C CSS1 Test Suite
A comprehensive test suite for CSS1.
David Baron's CSS Tests
Many more CSS tests, including a great many for CSS2 features.
Tests de conformité CSS 2
A CSS2 test suite.
OBJECT Test Suite
A great test suite examining support for the OBJECT element by Antti Näyhä.
NGLayout test cases
Various odds and ends at
The Dark Side
Old HTML-is-an-application-of-SGML tests.
Some graphics tests (Unfortunately, this site seems now to be defunct)
PNG Tests
Some PNG graphics tests.
A test suite for PNG images (Unfortunately, this site seems now to be defunct)
HTML Characters
Some character tests.
Web Standards Project - Samurai Pages
Some CSS test pages tuned to the bugs present in the browsers that have been reviewed by the Samurai.
The Box Acid Test
The Box Acid Test -- Composite test by Todd Fahrner of the CSS-1 box model as applied to HTML 4. .
Open Group HTML 3.2 Tests
An HTML 3.2 test suite, including some comprehensive FORM tests.
Ziff-Davis's HTML 3.2 test suite
Robin Lionheart's HTML 4.0 Conformance Test
Some tests for features new to HTML4.
i-Bench Tests
A performance test suite for various file types including Animation, Audio, Video, and 3D.